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Filtronics System Solves Water Quality Issues at Bridge City Texas

Cutline 1: Mike Lund of the City of Bridge City water department monitors a control panel for the Filtronics, Inc., water filter system at the city’s Rachal Street well.

Cutline 2: A 3,000-gallon tank of filter media was installed at each of Bridge City’s three water wells as part of a $1.4 million system installed by Filtronics, Inc.

Cutline 3: Bridge City has implemented a new $1.4 million water filtration system designed to eliminate iron and manganese deposits that have resulted in cloudy tap water for many of the city’s residents.

By Dave Rogers

For The Record

Jerry Jones played it cool Tuesday when asked if he felt a sense of relief to finally have Bridge City’s $1.4 million water filtration system up and running.

“This is just another project,” the longtime city manager said.

Technically, turning on the sand filters at the city’s two operating wells last weekend only kicked off a 120-day pilot project, after which the city will need another OK from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to be 100 percent in the clear.

But Jones leaves little doubt he believes the iron and manganese buildups that have caused the cloudy and brown water for some Bridge City water customers for several years will soon be a thing of the past.

“This will be the end,” he said.

The system, bought from the California-based Filtronics, Inc., is going through break-in cycles, which mean the filters at the two wells are being backwashed more than normal for the next few days.

A 3,000-gallon tank of filter media was installed at each of Bridge City’s three water wells as part of a $1.4 million system installed by Filtronics, Inc.

“We’re testing them daily, and the state will come in and test it every week,” said Mike Lund, water department foreman for Bridge City.

“The state does not require that [daily testing] but with them being in the break-in period, we want to keep an eye on all that,” Jones said.

Lund said the tests for the new wells show that iron and manganese levels “are non-detectable coming out.”

“That tells us the filters are doing what they were designed to do,” Jones said. “They’re removing all the iron and manganese.”

The city has been serving its 3,800 water customers with just two of its three wells since last July, when the state

determined the city violated the maximum contaminant level for total trihalomethanes, a byproduct of the chlorine used to disinfect water.

Jones said it was discovered that the problem was caused by leaky casing in a single well that was immediately taken off line.

Repair work is complete on the repair of the “Romero” well, Jones said.

“When we got permission to start up those wells, the third well was not included because we were re-lining the well,” he said.

Bridge City has implemented a new $1.4 million water filtration system designed to eliminate iron and manganese deposits that have resulted in cloudy tap water for many of the city’s residents.

“But that’s all been done. It’s where we can put it back on-line, but we have to call TCEQ back out here and get them to OK that site.”

Jones cautioned that the city must flush its lines of all iron and manganese buildups before sounding the “all clear” on its water.

“It’s certainly good to get them on-line and get the iron and manganese removed. But we’re only at the starting point,” the city manager said.

“Now comes the task of removing all the iron and manganese from the lines that have accumulated over the last 25 to 30 years.”

The job of flushing the lines will cause cloudy water, but the city is enlisting the help of the fire department and plans to work at night to lessen the impact.

“When we do the flush process, we’ll do it a section of town at a time, and we’ll do it at night within the next couple of weeks,” he said.

“We’ll do it until we get it [iron and manganese] all out.”

The city manager is optimistic – and realistic.

“Hopefully, it’ll all go pretty quickly,” he said. “But if we say that, it’ll take four months.”

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Filtronics, Inc. Approved by TCEQ for Treatment Technology for Arsenic, Iron and

Filtronics, Inc. of Anaheim, California is pleased to announce they are one of the
first companies to receive approval from the Texas Commission on
Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for their treatment technology for the removal of
arsenic, iron and manganese at the filtration rate of 10 gallons per minute per
square foot.
This high filtration rate is significant for several reasons. Conventional systems
must operate at a much lower rate to achieve comparable results, often 3 to 5
gallons per minute. The benefit is substantial savings in the initial capital investment
for smaller, compact equipment and a very small footprint. Significant
cost savings are realized by the construction and use of smaller facilities and the
increased water production from the high filtration rate with less waste and
handling. The smaller filter size also translates into lower wash water
requirements and further enhances the backwash-to-filtration ratio for a more
efficient system.
The leading environmental agency for the state of Texas issued their approval
early last year. Filtronics has two filtration systems operating very successfully,
continually exceeding the effluent requirements imposed by the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) and the TCEQ.
About Filtronics, Inc.
Filtronics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of municipal and industrial water
treatment systems. Founded in 1974, the internationally acclaimed company with
headquarters in Anaheim, California has been in the forefront of water
purification technology for nearly 40 years. An authorized dealer of NXT-2Ò
media, along with their full product line of ElectromediaÒ products, the company
is well known as successful arsenic, iron and manganese removal specialists
producing the highest quality environmentally friendly systems using the best
available technology.
Contact: Filtronics, Inc.

Filtronics System Doubles Water Output

 We love our customer feedback and the Eastsound Water Users Association where we have a Filtronics Model FV-05, Electromedia® I Skid Mounted Automatic filtering station designed for iron and manganese removal has seen remarkable improvement.
“Thought you might like to see how EWUA has been benefiting from our recent filtronics installation.

Our operators are gaining confidence and continuing to expand useage.

We remain very pleased with water quality.   Prior to filtronics installation we could not use Well 12 and Well 5 due to water quality and treatment limitations.
 EWUA = happy campers.”

Water production for iron and manganese removal system.

Filtronics Daily Backwash Volume Calculation

The formula to calculate (and compare) daily backwash volume is:

(((Design Flow / Filtration Rate) * Backwash Duration * Backwash Rate) + (Rinse To Waste Time * Design Flow)) * Number of Backwashes Per Day

The Filtronics system does backwash more frequently than a comparable greensand plant BUT our backwash duration is significantly shorter producing far less waste water, even when taking the more frequent backwashes into consideration. Greensand backwashes can range in duration from 15 minutes at best, and sometimes 45 minutes or more (30 minutes being an approximate average) depending on water quality and how close the bed is to depletion. Filtronics systems have a 4 minute, high efficiency backwash event and a media bed that never needs to be replaced or regenerated. The end result is far less waste water production using the Filtronics system than traditional coagulation & filtration technologies. Our backwash to filtration ratio (without reclaim) is in the 2-3% range whereas greesand systems can be as high as 20%.

For example, using 1,400 gpm as design flow and assuming a WORST CASE Filtronics scenario and a BEST CASE greensand scenario, we can calculate the daily backwash volume of the Filtronics unit as 37,800 (three backwash events of 12,600 gallons each) and a corresponding greensand plant’s daily backwash volume as 64,400 (only one backwash event).

Worst Case Filtronics Assumptions:

Filtration Rate: 10 gpm/ft2 (norm – can be as high as 15 gpm/ft2)
Backwash Duration: 4 minutes (norm)
Backwash Rate: 20 gpm/ft2 (18-20 norm)
Rinse To Waste Time: 1 minute (norm)
Number of Backwashes Per Day: 3 (based on 8 hours/run in 24 hours)

Filtronics Worst Case Calc:
(((1400/10) * 4 * 20) + (1 * 1400)) * 3
(11200 + 1400) * 3
37,800 daily backwash gallons

Best Case Greensand Assumptions:

Filtration Rate: 5 gpm/ft2 (norm – can be as low as 1 gpm/ft2)
Backwash Duration: 15 minutes (ideal circumstances)
Backwash Rate: 15 gpm/ft2 (norm)
Rinse To Waste Time: 1 minute (ideal circumstances)
Number of Backwashes Per Day: 1 (based 24 hour run time)

Greensand Best Case Calc:
(((1400/5) * 15 * 15) + (1 * 1400)) * 1
(63000 + 1400) * 1
64,400 daily backwash gallons

An added benefit, because of the low volume of backwash water produced per event (12,600 gallons in this example), it is more feasable to store Filtronics backwashes in a reclaim tank and reprocess clarified supernatant to the filter. This gives us a backwash to filtration ratio well below 1%.

Also, because of the frequency of backwash, we don’t have the schmutzdecke issues or mudball formation so common with greensand systems where backwash intervals are frankly too infrequent. Hence, we do not require air scour or surface wash systems in our filters. This provides significant advantage in terms of reduced maintenance but, more importantly, gives us consistent performance year after year.

Filtronics announces new EM-Mini low flow system for the removal of arsenic, iron, manganese and other metals.

Filtronics EM-mini SystemFiltronics EM-mini packaged water treatment systems are factory assembled, fully self-contained and specifically designed for applications 100 gpm or less. Coming in standard configurations, the EM-mini features a smaller footprint at the lowest capital cost in the industry making them perfect for budget minded small communities, schools, commercial or industrial facilites needinga simple, economical solution. To optimize performance, the EM-mini utilizes our NSF certified Electromedia® which allows for higher filtration rates, minimal chemical dosage, and never needs replacement.

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