Filtronics Backwash Reclaim

Water used for purge and backwash is put to the reclaim tank to allow for the treatment residuals from backwash to sink to the bottom of the tank, allowing the supernatant to be recycled. Any time the water level is above the reclaim start level set point the reclaim timer begins its cycle. The reclaim timer cycle allows the residuals to settle.

At the end of the timing cycle the reclaim pump will start when the filter is in filtration and the well pump is running. The reclaim pump is started by the Filter Control Panel. Multiple pumps or variable speed pumps are used for multiple well and filter applications.

The residuals are stored in the bottom of the reclaim tank. Periodically, the reclaim tank is drained to the sanitary sewer, drying bed, or hauled off.

More than 99% of the water used for backwash and purge is recycled using the reclaim system.