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Media Core Sampling

A core sample is a physical measurement of the depth of each layer of media in your system to determine media depletion, if any, resulting from ordinary backwash cycles, water chemistry, and/or water quality.

To maintain peak performance, Filtronics suggests an annual inspection of the media load to measure media depth. The goal is to compare the current media measurement with the original measurement for possible loss of media. If media measurement is more than 3" from the original depth, a core sample should be taken. A core sample should be taken after the 3rd year of operation and every year thereafter until media replenishment has occurred. Core samples are to be sent to Filtronics for analysis.

Obtaining a media core sample is a part of our regular annual maintenance contract. If you do not have a contract, do not hesitate to call us at 714-630-5040 and we will schedule a service call to perform sampling.

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