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Filtronics Membrane Treatment Systems

 Filtronics offers a complete line of membrane systems, which deliver high performance with the lowest costs over the life cycle of the system. The Filtronics brand is synonymous with quality engineering and craftsmanship! All systems are pre-engineered for quick turnaround and fast delivery to meet your project schedules. Our membrane treatment systems are constructed from high-quality components that are specifically designed to serve your unique process needs. They will come to you completely assembled, with all the necessary filters, membranes, pipes, pumps, controls and automation machinery in place and ready to run. Filtronics also provides a full line of membrane treatment chemicals to enhance membrane performance once your equipment is in operation.

All of our membrane systems integrate seamlessly with our Electromedia pre-treatment systems to create a unique single point of accountability for a total treatment solution.

Filtronics offers the complete line replacement products, from complete systems to parts and components such as controls, filters, membrane elements and high-pressure pumps. With Filtronics, you will get quick delivery, fast installation, responsiveness to your concerns, ease of use and extreme reliability.

At Filtronics, we specialize in customization. All standard platforms can be configured to meet your exact needs, and all come with standard GE documentation packages. To let us help find a solution for you, simply complete our online General Mineral Analysis form. We can then provide you with a quote on a system designed to your exact specifications.



Filtronics Membrane Systems

EM-Pure SystemApplication
PurePro Series Boiler makeup water or pre-treatment to existing ion-exchange systems
PurePROPAK Series Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis combination system
PurePower Series Boiler or combined-cycle makeup in power and petrochemical plants
PureBEV Series Beverage production
PureSWRO Series Seawater desalination
PureMUNI Series Drinking water applications
PureE-Series General industrial uses

Industries Served


To take the first step toward your custom Filtronics water filtering solution, simply complete our online General Mineral Analysis (GMA) form to let us know your water quality and site profile. Based on that information, our experts will be able to custom design a solution to meet your needs, prepare a cost proposal and arrange for a pilot test.

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