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Municipal Water Treatment

Can your company provide drinking water treatment for my municipality?

municipal-water-treatmentYes we offer municipal water treatment systems that provide state-of-the-art drinking water treatment. Filtronics is a leading name in economic and highly effective water purification and water filtration, and is the manufacturer of Electromedia®, the most efficient and economic filtering media available for city water treatment today. Potable water treatment is vital in order to insure iron and manganese removal from water, arsenic removal from water and more. We’ve been the first name in filtration systems since 1974, and invite you to discover why firsthand!

Filtronics is proud of the fact that our municipal water treatment systems are such a valued resource for local entities in search of effective city water treatment solutions. Our water purification systems offer drinking water treatment solutions for:

Those in search of potable water treatment and water purification solutions prefer Filtronics systems due to the simplicity, economy and reliability. Let us help you find the water filtration solutions you need today.

The goal of our municipal water treatment systems is always to remain price and performance competitive, and our water filtration systems are gaining converts every day. Filtronics offers a number of services and processes for water purification and city water treatment, and is now an authorized GE reseller and service company for GE Reverse Osmosis Systems. If finding an effective drinking water treatment falls under your watch, make your first call to Filtronics.

We analyze the requirements of all our customers before designing a municipal water treatment system that addresses their needs. Filtronics has been creating solutions for the treatment of drinking water for nearly four decades, and invites you to consult with our experienced team regarding your drinking water treatment needs. Our advanced water treatment solutions and state-of-the-art filtering systems are certain to facilitate the results you need and desire.

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