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Filtronics Packaged Treatment Systems (PTS)

 Filtronics has designed and packaged several “plug and play” systems to meet your treatment challenges. Whether your application is ground or surface water, municipal or industrial, our PTS systems come pre-engineered and factory assembled as a simple, cost effective solution. Our PTS systems are designed for a variety of flow rates and configurations with a range of custom options available to meet the precise specifications of your project.

If you are out of compliance with budget restraints and facing huge fines, our packaged systems are the answer! Simply complete our General Mineral Analysis form and let us do the work. Our experts will provide you with a system design and budgetary quote complete with operation costs.



Filtronics PTS Systems

EM-mini Arsenic, iron, manganese, uranium, fluoride, nitrates, radium, sulfides
Surface Water PTS Turbidity filtration
CR+6 Transformer Chromium removal
H2S Transformer Hydrogen sulfide removal

Municipal Applications

Industrial Applications

Take the first step, simply complete our General Mineral Analysis (GMA) form which gives us the water quality and site profile. From that, we will be able to custom design a solution to meet your needs, prepare a budget proposal, and arrange a pilot test.

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