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Do you work with local government entities to provide water filtration equipment?

water-filtration-equipmentYes, we work with government entities large and small to provide water filtration equipment and municipal water treatment systems. Our water purification and potable water filtration systems get rid of a large number of contaminants, and our status as a leading supplier and manufacturer of drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment systems means we’ll always be able to customize to your specific needs. Filtronics makes iron removal, arsenic removal and more affordable, and the cities that use our filtration systems can attest to the fact that our services are dependable and cost effective.

Look to Filtronics for all your potable water filtration and water purification needs. In a very competitive industry we stand apart as a supplier and manufacturer of water filtration equipment, and our services are in demand from a number of entities including:

Are your water treatment efforts lacking? If so, Filtronics can help and we would love to speak with you today. Ask us about our FREE pilot study.

The importance of finding effective municipal water treatment systems cannot be overstated. In a results-driven industry the efforts of Filtronics and our state-of-the-art water filtration systems cannot be overstated either. We can save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over the 20-year life of the system. We approach potable water filtration from a position of experience, having spent nearly four decades perfecting our water purification techniques. As your source for water filtration equipment you can count on us day in and day out.

Reliability and economy are important factors in determining who will provide water filtration equipment for your municipal water treatment needs. Low operating costs are a vital issue for city and state governments, and the systems provided by Filtronics have proven to be an outstanding option for all city and state agencies that have used them.

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