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Water for People

Water For People

Change a life today, Match Filtronics Donation to Water for People.

Water For PeopleWant to make a BIG difference? Today’s Challenge is a Filtronics Match: Donate $33 today and we’ll triple your impact. You can change everything, just like we did for Gladys.

Gladys, 35, is a motherof three living in the village of San Pedro, Bolivia. Before owningher eco-san composting toilet, Gladys spent countless days a year in the clinicwith sick children from sanitation-borne sickness.

Now everything has changed as her family’s good health is giving Gladys time back to care for her children and even start a business. Using the compost from hertoilet, Gladys began to grow Pingo de Oro plants -- earning her an extra $20 aweek. She shared the idea with women in her village, and before long, they won an agricultural award of 30,000 bolivianos (about $4,200) to build an ecological nursery using compost from their latrines.

Gladys’ timeis now profitable -- she spends her days discovering which mix of compost works best for her plants. “Ese baño es una maravilla,” says Gladys. We think the toilet is marvelous, too!

Your gift of $33 in the next three days will be tripled by Filtronics up to $3500 so don’t wait, donate today.

Steve Smee
Vice President of Operations

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