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What types of industry recognition have your water purification systems received?

water-purification-systemsOur water purification systems set a standard for water filtration and have been singled out in many instances and given awards for excellence in the fields of municipal water treatment systems and wastewater treatment solutions. Many of the entities that use Filtronics as a supplier of drinking water treatment systems have been singled out with awards of excellence as well, and our Electromedia® system gets continually high marks in the potable water treatment field. Such accolades within our industry are proof positive of the high regard in which Filtronics is held, and we continue to search for ways to push the envelope and improve at what we do.

There is a reason our water purification systems are award-winning: namely consistently outstanding performance and the affordability they offer. As the first name in municipal water treatment systems and wastewater treatment we offer our clients:

Now that is water filtration and drinking water treatment you can count on! There is no better resource for potable water treatment than Filtronics.

One reason we’ve thrived in the field of water purification systems is that we’re never satisfied with our water filtration systems. We are always striving to make our municipal treatment systems even better, and our commitment to excellence is what makes the Filtronics name such a respected one in our industry. Make our award-winning system your choice for drinking water treatment or wastewater treatment!

Filtronics invites you to join the many clients who’ve chosen our water purification systems to address their water filtration needs. Simply complete our GMA form. Drinking water treatment is a very involved process; one that requires vast experience and know-how. We’ve been doing this since 1974, and can be counted on to provide filtration systems that set a standard for excellence.

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