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How does Filtronics determine the treatability of a water source before installing their water treatment systems?

water-treatment-systemsBefore installing our municipal water treatment systems field tests, or “pilot tests,” are required to determine the ability to treat a water source using water filtration. Pilot units provide long-term, real time data that is invaluable when preparing our drinking water treatment or wastewater treatment efforts, and provides the basis for the performance guarantee we provide for our city water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment solutions. Filtronics is a well-respected potable water filtration equipment supplier and manufacturer with nearly four decades of results behind our name, and can help those seeking solutions for iron removal, arsenic removal and more. Get the process started by requesting your pilot test today.

The advantages of choosing Filtronics as your resource for municipal water treatment systems and wastewater treatment solutions include:

As a leader in drinking water treatment as well as industrial water filtration we will first conduct a pilot test that will:

We are proud of the important work we do in the field of potable water filtration, and invite you to inquire today about city water treatment or industrial wastewater treatment courtesy of Filtronics.

Filtronics conducts thorough and necessary research before beginning either city water treatment or industrial wastewater treatment. The water filtration process depends on treatability issues being deciphered before the process begins, and once our municipal water treatment systems are installed you can expect the services and process we bring to the table to do the job right. Let us introduce you to drinking water treatment and wastewater removal done the right way.

Our municipal water treatment systems will help you get rid of contaminants such as arsenic, iron and manganese, and all of our water purification and water filtration systems are operator friendly and feature low operating costs. Speak with a representative from Filtronics and begin the filtration process for your municipality or business today.

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